Should companies take “a skilled approach” to philanthropy? [News, 2/20]

WG EVENT — “Corporate Giving Programs: Successfully Engaging Your Employees” – Thursday, Feb. 28
“A Skilled Approach To Philanthropy” (Forbes, 2/20) – “The most valuable gift a company can provide…is…the knowledge capital of its employees…  knowledge-based volunteerism.”
Washington Business Journal and Greater D.C. Cares announce the 2008 Philanthropy Awards, “designed to honor the region’s most active and inspiring companies and CEOs.” (WBJ, 2/15)

b2h[Md.] New regulation: Before foreclosing on a property, mortgage firms must notify the state so the government can offer assistance to the homeowner (WaPo, 2/20). Homeowners facing foreclosure can call state hotline: 877-462-7555.

[Md.] “O’Malley Lends Support To Controls On Emissions” (WaPo, 2/20)

[Va.] Why does Prince William County have only $3000 in its rainy day fund? Because it just spent the remaining $800,000 on its illegal immigrant crackdown. Finances are so tight that they may not be able to fully staff the police department charged with implementing the crackdown. Seriously. (WaPo, 2/20)

“The Awakening”–Seward Johnson’s sculpture–is moving to National Harbor, Md (where philanthropists from around the nation will view it this May).