CareFirst to fill Medicare’s ‘doughnut hole’ for Md. seniors [News, 2/15]

WG Member CareFirst “pledges to plug Medicare drug gap in Maryland” (Baltimore Sun, 2/15) – The public-private partnership would help seniors bridge Medicare’s ‘doughnut hole’… “would help an estimated 7,500 lower-income residents. CareFirst has pledged to cover the cost of the $7 million annual program” …. “[T]he subsidy helps fulfill the insurer’s public service mission, but it also generally lowers hospital and other expenses that arise from seniors not taking prescriptions.”

CareFirst recently gave $1M in Md. “to advance the Governor’s goal of creating a statewide electronic health information exchange.”

Corporate responsibility is not quite dead (FT, 2/11 – via Sean) – Whew!

DC SCHOOLS – punny headline alert!
Rhee Hopes Tastier Food Can Beef Up Finances (WaPo, 2/15)

[Va.] “For the fourth year in a row, the Republican-controlled House killed a smoking ban in the state.” (WaPo, 2/15)