President Bush wants to reinstate the D.C. needle-exchange funding ban [News, 2/8]

WaPo: “Unconscionable”

TUCKED INTO President Bush’s 2009 budget proposal is the resurrection of a provision, dumped by Congress last year, that prohibits the District from using its own money to fund needle-exchange programs. This is unconscionable, especially since intravenous drug use is helping to fuel the HIV-AIDS crisis gripping the city… Congress would do the District a good deed and potentially save lives if it ignored Mr. Bush on this issue.

I mean, come on. This is getting ridiculous. (For background, see here.)
– Nick

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I play indoor soccer at Cardozo High School on Thursdays. Both the Post and the Times covered the school in the past two days. I did some exploring last night and found a beautiful theater on the second floor, and a swimming pool in the basement. And, despite the fact that the rest of the school is in absolutely terrible shape (the water fountains don’t even work), it has the neatest view in the entire city.- Christian