Differing opinions on school closings [News 2/5]

Marc Fisher notes shifting winds on D.C. schools closings
Marion Barry, Thursday: “The chancellor’s just being bullheaded. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!”
Marion Barry, Friday: “Mayor Fenty took the bold action of making education number one.” [WaPo, 2/4]

D.C. School Closings List Is Revised [WaPo, 2/2]
Judge says D.C. officials ignored special-ed crisis [Examiner, 2/5]
Board may OK takeover of ailing charter school [Examiner, 2/5]
Test Pressures Spur Some Schools to Stretch Out Calendar [WaPo, 2/4]
Bush Proposes Giving D.C. $32 Million More To Boost School Reform [WaPo, 2/2]

Celebrate the lifting of the D.C. syringe exchange funding ban!
Virginia health leaders note racial disparities in HIV-AIDS [WSLS, 2/5]

– When asked what closing public schools might be used for at the end of the year, Mayor Fenty responded: “Housing is an option, but if it’s on government-owned land, there has to be a large affordable housing component.” [WaPo 2/4]

I knew it! WaPo reports: Inhaling Pig Brains May Be Cause of New Illness [2/4]