[News 1/8/08] Headlines

Can Foundations Take the Long View Again? [NY Times, 1/6]

Softening Economy Doesn’t Harden Hearts
[WaPo, 12/21/07]

program at the Community Foundation is getting attention for allowing a board of students to designate funds to disadvantaged youth. (WaPo, 12/30)

[D.C] Success of Closings Plan Hangs on Rhee’s Resolve [WaPo, 1/6] Her opposition remains active and vocal. [WaPo, 1/8]

Has anyone ever noticed that people outside of our region don’t know what go-go music is? Maybe these students can help spread the word after their lesson from Mr. Chuck Brown. [Express, 1/8]

Teen Voices of AIDS [WaPo, 1/8]

Flood Zone Change in D.C. Could Be Costly [WaPo, 1/7]

Green groups appeal judge’s connector ruling [Examiner, 1/8]