[News 12/19] The exception to the rule.

Yesterday’s article Thinking More Globally, Giving Less Locally (WaPo 12/18) might give Post readers the idea that philanthropy is moving out of the region. Au contraire!

In our annual giving report, we identified trends exactly opposite of AOL’s example. Specifically:

  • National foundations have more than tripled their investments in our region with $1.5 billion today compared to $407 million in 1992;
  • Local foundations are investing 63% of their philanthropic dollars in this region – a significant rise from only 46% fifteen years before; and,
  • The assets of the region’s community foundations have grown from $31.5 million to $412.5 million.

[D.C.] Here’s a great incentive for high achieving schools. But, then again, there is that big budget gap… (WaPo 12/19)

[D.C.] “Today is a momentous day in D.C. public schools,” Rhee said. (WaPo 12/19)

[D.C.] Remember the reform school that uses shock therapy on District special needs students? Apparently the school feels that it is the “victim of ‘a disturbing lack of understanding.”’ The underlying question – why will it take 90 days to get those students out of there? (Examiner 12/19)

Missed this one over the weekend. Colbert King’s article this week uses the words “Farce,” “bamboozled,” and “sycophantic,” to describe, in this order: DYRS, the mayor, and the city council. (WaPo 12/15)

– Christian