[News 12/17] The Weight of a Life


CDSC Steering Committee Co-Chair and Sustainable Communities Working Group member David Bowers wrote a thought-provoking article for the Post about homicide trends and responses in D.C.

“I would argue that the city needs a plan to end murder that includes input from those not usually included in the conversation, including mental health professionals, victims’ survivors, youth, ex-offenders, and representatives of business, organized labor, the arts and education.” (WaPo 12/17)

“In a society where people think you won’t succeed, here come these guys who say, ‘You are going to make it.'” A little philanthropy and a lot of encouragement go a long way. (WaPo 12/16)

[D.C.] Appleseed Report spurs immediate action: “Board of Education Approves Health Education Standards That Include HIV/AIDS Information” (Kaiser Daily 12/17)

[D.C.] There is just no good way to close a budget gap. Including this way. (WaPo 12/16)

[D.C] Bad software + denied Medicare claims = A $30 million dollar problem for the Department of Mental Health. (Examiner 12.15)

The general morale of the region was elevated twofold this weekend with a hard earned victory by the Redskins and an embarrassing loss for the Cowboys.