“You can be a philanthropist for $10” [News 12/13/07]

With broad-appeal initiatives like the Make it Your Own Awards, 2007 Guide to Good Giving, and the Giving Challenge (launching at 3 pm today), WG member The Case Foundation is nurturing citizen-led philanthropy.

Fenty, Council clash on school closures (Examiner, 12/13)
– Vincent Gray: “We look impotent and uninformed and out of the loop.” 
– Marion Barry: “This [process for] school closings was not the right way to do it…There should be tremendous public debate and a process to follow that keeps us all abreast and involved every step of the way.”
– Jonetta Rose Barras (Examiner columnist): “What’s clear is that Barry and some other politicians are more vested in maintaining their place at the public trough than in the future of the District’s children.” 

[Va.] Teacher pay trailing in Va. (Examiner, 12/13)

Region is urged to build green (WaPo, 12/13) – MWCOG pushes LEED standards. [Read more from WG’s Sustainable Communities Working Group.]

Let’s hear it for mergers (KCStar, 12/11) – I have a feeling this sector could save a ton of money by seeking out smart mergers.

– [Va.] Kaine vows to insure needy (WaTimes, 12/13)
Bush vetoes kids health insurance bill again. (AP, 12/13)

“Study Faults Charities for Veterans” (WaPo, 12/13)
“Smithsonian Challenged to Raise More Private Funds” (WaPo, 12/13)