[News 12/11/07] More philanthropy articles than you can shake a stick at

‘Tis the season for journalists to write about our sector. Paid subscribers can read The Wall Street Journal annual “Philanthropy” section online at WSJ.com. The Financial Times, however, is giving its Philanthropy 2007 articles away.  (How charitable!) We cited one yesterday, and here are two more of particular interest: “When Givers Join Forces” and  “Keeping up with the Gateses”. (12/11)

[Va.] Just as WG member The Annie E. Casey Foundation finds that Virginia has neglected foster parent recruitment and development for decades, Gov. Kaine announces plan to invest millions in finding family settings, not large group homes, for children. (WaPo, 12/11)

[Md.] Nonprofit Profile: New Leaders for New Schools – Prince George’s experience with the group has been “extraordinary” says Superintendent John Deasy (WaPo, 12/11). Several WG members are among the organization’s supporters.

[D.C.] “Bill Would Put More Children in Pre-Kindergarten”

[D.C.] School closings – “Chancellor Says She Will Preserve Successful Programs” (WaPo, 12/11)

AND FINALLY… apparently, Led Zeppelin still rocks. Christian and I have determined that we would drop crazy cash for a ticket if they tour.