[News 12/10/07] Local home foreclosures on the rise

“Local Home Foreclosures on the Rise” (WaPo, 12/10) – Pr. George’s County, Md. and outer Virginia suburbs are getting the worst of it. The Fannie Mae/Urban Institute report, Housing in the Nation’s Capital 2007, recently noted that

Prince George’s County, which had about twice the number of foreclosures as Montgomery County in the first quarter of 2007, is particularly at risk given its high rate of high-priced mortgages.

WG member MWCOG is planning a response (WaPo, 12/9).

“US foundations come clean” (FT, 12/10) “The effectiveness of any foundation is the result of the effectiveness of the organisations it supports.”

Cupboards Are Bare at Food Banks (WaPo, 12/8)

[D.C.] [Nonprofit Profile] Communities in Schools, with funding from WG member the Gates Foundation and others World Bank, is working with four D.C. high schools — Anacostia, Ballou, Eastern and H.D. Woodson (WaPo, 12/10). [See also: Communities in Schools’ website.]

WaPo columnist Colbert King responds (12/8) to the overwhelming show of support for DYRS Director Vinnie Schiraldi at last Tuesday’s hearing. King thinks it was a show trial. But, as Councilmember Tommy Wells said on Tuesday:

“We did the normal publication for this hearing… [and the hearing date] was also printed in [Mr. King’s] column. Any reader, anyone who contributed to those columns, had the opportunity…to come down here and testify today. Now, anyone watching this would see that it appeared to have been the Vinnie Schiraldi/DYRS fan club. But I will note that many of the people that testified on your behalf and in support of the reforms are people that started out very highly critical of what you were trying to do.”

[Learn more about D.C.’s public-private partnership for juvenile justice reform.]