[News 12/5/07] Pr. George’s County’s Harrington: We have to engage nonprofits


“Harrington Picked to Lead Pr. George’s Council” (WaPo, 12/5) – “[Harrington said] he would spend his year-long term forging new partnerships between government and nonprofit groups in the county, including possibly setting up an incubator to help local charities grow.” Harrington: “I think there’s a nonprofit voice out there that’s just not prominent in our social dialogue. We have to begin to engage them, and we have to show the region that we do have a credible nonprofit infrastructure that’s worthy of investing in.”

(For more on the new chairman’s support of the sector, see the November issue of Washington Grantmakers’ The Power of Collaboration: “Partnering for Progress: Building a ‘Different Kind of Collaborative’ in Prince George’s County.”)

Have you read Forces for Good yet? 
Yesterday, The Economist (12/4) weighed in on the new book, which profiles 12 exceptional nonprofits and isolates six shared traits that allow them to produce real social change. Check Tactical Philanthropy later today for an interview with authors Leslie Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant. (Washington Grantmakers and the Nonprofit Roundtable co-hosted a discussion for members with the two in October.)

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