Housing in the Nation’s Capital 2007

Housing-FannieMaeFdnFrom the Urban Institute and the Fannie Mae Foundation (WG member), “Housing in the Nation’s Capital 2007” covers current and emerging trends in the region, and takes an in-depth look at housing for special needs populations:

A comprehensive approach — that focuses on shared challenges and cross-cutting solutions rather than on the particular needs of each subpopulation — will enable the region to tackle barriers currently inhibiting private-sector housing production and service delivery, expand the stock of affordable and accessible housing units, increase the availability of in-home and community-based services, and expand service-enhanced housing options for all categories of people with special housing needs. Currently, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments [WG member] provides a forum for information sharing and collaboration on homelessness that could potentially form the nucleus of a more comprehensive interjurisdictional working group on all types of special-needs housing.