Freddie Mac Foundation Adoption Expo: Sat., Dec. 1

Freddie Mac Foundation’s Adoption Expo Offers Information, Support for the Adoption Experience – tomorrow at noon at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Metro Center in D.C. (wire, 11/29)

While, in general, gift cards are for chumps, giving someone a GlobalGiving Gift Card is a great idea because funds from unredeemed cards are transferred into the GlobalGiving Matching Fund.

Glass half-full: “United Way Fundraising Rises After Scandal-Induced Plunge” (WaPo, 11/30)
Glass half-empty: “Scandal haunts United Way” (WaTimes, 11/30)

World AIDS Day in D.C. (WaPo, 11/30)

WaPo: “The District is ready to hit the ground running on needle-exchange programs.” But first the Senate needs to pass legislation ending the ban on public funding and the President needs to sign it. (11/30)

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  1. Thanks for mentioning GlobalGiving’s gift card – thought I’d mention too that we now have gift cards that are corn based, making them environmentally friendly…or, for the ultimate in environmental friendliness, they can be sent as “e-cards” as well.

    – Joan @ GlobalGiving

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