[News 11/27/07] HIV in D.C.: A fight we can win

Mayor Fenty pledges to triple the number of free condoms being distributed and to help the city’s hospitals do more emergency room HIV testing (WaPo, 11/27). 

Read the latest about grantmakers’ efforts to end HIV/AIDS in our region in the Washington AIDS Partnership’s call to action “A Fight We Can Win.” (pdf)

[Va.] A Fairfax County report finds that it’s hard to quantify the cost of delivering services to undocumented immigrants because…they’re undocumented. Fairfax is the third Virginia county (after Loudoun and Prince William) to produce such a report. (WaPo, 11/27)

Linking some of the world’s wealthiest families, the Global Philanthropists Circle is grantmaker collaboration on a global scale. “[W]ith so many big new gifts, there’s more waste as philanthropists struggle up a learning curve. Dulany saw a need for an organization that would allow givers around the world to meet, exchange ideas and strategies, and work together to take on increasingly complex issues.”

“Starting a New Chapter After Foundation Jobs End” (NYTimes, 11/26) – Interesting in our world, but can anyone figure out why the Times might have decided to cover this? “LAFF’s periodic gatherings and newsletters are a chance for Ford veterans to swap war stories, exchange news and keep in touch.” [Developing!]