[News 11/26/07] The economic and social impact of nonprofits

Roundtable reportPHILANTHROPY
The Nonprofit Roundtable’s “Beyond Charity: Recognizing Return on Investment” may be “the first attempt in the nation to measure the economic and social impact of nonprofits” (WaPo, 11/26). From the article:

  • – Nonprofits contribute at least $9.6 billion to the region’s economy and “often deliver services in more fiscally prudent ways than the government.”
  • – “In 2005, private and community foundations in the area gave more than $655.5 million, a 7.3 percent increase from 2004, according to a study by the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers.”
  • – Article quotes Viki Betancourt of WG member World Bank: “No one goes out and buys a car and doesn’t take care of it for five years. So why would you put your money in a nonprofit and not follow it, not know where it’s going? You always want to invest your money wisely.”

Goldman Sachs Starts Drive to Build Philanthropy Fund “that aims to reach $1 billion over the next few years” (NYTimes, 11/21). 

Study Calls HIV in D.C. A ‘Modern Epidemic’ – “One in 20 city residents is thought to have HIV.” (WaPo, 11/26) Funders Concerned About AIDS recently found that Washington Grantmakers’ Washington AIDS Partnership is the 14th largest domestic funder of HIV/AIDS programs in the U.S. 

[Md.] “Schools Scramble to Make Grade Despite Lost Funding” (WaPo, 11/24) – on impact of cuts to the Thornton plan.

Public school enrollment is up in Virginia, steady in Montgomery, down in Prince George’s, and WAY down (a 6 percent drop) in D.C. (WaPo, 11/24)

“‘No Child’ Law May Slight The Gifted, Experts Say” (WaPo, 11/25)

Today’s WaPo business section, “Washington’s Green Economy”, includes a piece on the “greening” of WG member Marriott International: “Saving energy, one step at a time” (WaPo, 11/26)

Md. Takes Initial Step to Shrink Ranks Of Uninsured (WaPo, 11/23)

[Va.] Loudoun County takes over the operation of homeless shelter from the Good Sheppard Alliance, a nonprofit faithbased group (WaPo, 11/21). (Residents of Ashburn are furious that the “drop in” homeless shelter almost ended up in their community.)

“Feeding a Misimpression” – George Jones (Bread for the City) responds to the author of an op-ed that asked “what would happen if the collective energy that went into soliciting and distributing food were put into ending hunger and poverty instead?” (WaPo, 11/20)

Annie E. Casey Foundation report finding: Low-income children not doing well in Maryland (USAToday, 11/23)

The American British Dream. Findings from the nonpartisan Economic Mobility Project bely America’s self-image as the land of opportunity (WaPo, 11/23).