[News 11/19/07] Private Foundations for the Common Man

From the WaPo business section’s Charitable Giving Issue on Sunday:

* “Private Foundations For the Common Man”  – A primer of options available to families interested in setting up a foundation.
* “Where should you donate?” – Advice for donors choosing charities

Saturday was National Adoption Day. “Year after year, the National Adoption Day Coalition is inspired by the families who open up their homes and hearts to children in need of adoption and the dedicated individuals who devote years to promising a better future to children in foster care” said Ralph Boyd, President and CEO, Freddie Mac Foundation, a Washington Grantmakers member and a sponsor of National Adoption Day. (wire, 11/16)

Coming up on Saturday, Dec. 1:
Freddie Mac Foundation’s Adoption Expo:

* [Md.] “Maryland’s Mirage of Accountability” (WaPo, 11/18) – Montgomery Co. Schools Superintendent Jerry Weast says Maryland’s assessments are “deeply flawed.”
* [D.C.] “As Rhee Weighs Privatization, Doubts Abound” (WaPo, 11/18). Marc Fisher is among those opposed“To talk of privatization now is to deflate hopes across the city.” (WaPo, 11/19)
* [D.C.] A certification standard for charters  in D.C.? (WaPo, 11/19)
* [Va.] “Preschool Expansion Gets Mixed Reviews: Report Finds Merits but Cost Concerns” (WaPo, 11/14)
* [National] “Bill to Expand Head Start, Bolster Its Teacher Qualifications Is Approved” (WaPo, 11/15)

The D.C. Workforce Investment Council seeks input on plans to ready residents for work in a city where suburbanites get more than half the jobs. (WaPo, 11/18)

“Feeding the ‘Fat Gap’ – Try Living in Ward 8, Where Healthy Food Is Scarce and Fatty Food Is Plentiful” (WaPo, 11/18)