[News 11/14-17] Week in Review – “Sorry We Went AWOL” Edition

Sorry about that gap. We were putting on a conference (and if you were there, we hope you enjoyed it. Wasn’t Geoffrey Canada great?) The news continues:

“Grant maker merges two similar funds into one” (WBJ, 11/16 – subscription) – “Terri Lee Freeman, president of [WG member] The Community Foundation, said funding immigrant-specific programs was sending the wrong message to the region’s neediest residents.” The Partnership for Equity is a recent merger of the Common Ground Fund and the Washington Area Partnership for Immigrants.

The Financial Times (11/2) covers WG member the Case Foundation’s Make it Your Own Awards. ” Michael Smith: “It’s about partnerships, rather than institutions on high constantly telling citizens how things should be done.”

[D.C.] “Fenty Unveils Housing Plan For Low-Income, Homeless” (WaPo, 11/14) 

In a Fannie Mae-sponsored poll, 92 percent of Americans say more effort is needed to address homelessness. (AP, 11/15)

The WaPo profiles the Hair, Heart, and Health program, funded by WG member Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield. “The D.C. program trains stylists how to screen clients for obesity and high blood pressure…” (WaPo, 11/16)

[D.C.] Nonprofit Groups May Run Failing D.C. Schools (WaPo, 11/14) – “…three nonprofits potentially could run some D.C. schools: St. Hope, a charter operator in Sacramento; Green Dot, which operates 12 charter schools in the Los Angeles area; and Philadelphia-based Mastery Charter Schools.”

At D.C. schools budget hearing, “parents, students and teachers offer a wish list.” (WaPo, 11/16). 37 percent of D.C. schools have no music teachers. 

“This week DonorsChoose announced that its program has expanded to include every public school in America.” (C-Net blog)

Colbert King: “[D.C. should] initiate an independent, third-party probe — not controlled by the youth services agency — that documents and tracks, since 2005 when Schiraldi took up the post, the records of all youths placed under the jurisdiction of Youth Rehabilitation Services.” (WaPo, 11/17)

Peter B. Edelman, a Georgetown Law professor and former Director of the New York State Division for Youth, recently offered some context for Mr. King’s continuing columns on D.C.’s juvenile justice system:  “Mr. Schiraldi’s leadership is finally bringing change. The individual cases cited by Mr. King could be found in any youth corrections system in any urban jurisdiction. Mr. Schiraldi is, in fact, the first D.C. youth corrections director in decades to reduce the incidence of such problems.”

A Regional Partnership – The WaPo wishes the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments a happy 50th. (WaPo, 11/14)

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