[News 11/9/07] Just lines on a map–and pretty much irrelevant

Steven Pearlstein to local leaders: “There is no longer any such thing as the District’s economy, or the Prince George’s economy, or the Fairfax economy. There is only a regional economy, with a regional housing market, a regional labor market and regional retail markets. Our economic lives no longer respect the political boundaries set down 300 years ago…” (WaPo, 11/9) 

The curtain is up for the Shakespeare Theatre Company at the Harman Center for the Arts (WaTimes, 11/9). “The cheering squad Wednesday included board Chairman Landon Butler; Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer and Joanna Breyer; Calvin and Jane Cafritz; Bill and Dorothy McSweeny; Barbara Harman, daughter of benefactor Sidney Harman and executive director of [WG member] Harman Family Foundation; and D.C. Council member Tommy Wells.”

[D.C.] DC VOICE surveyed 137 of 141 principals in September to gauge the schools’ readiness… findings will be released tomorrow at 11 a.m. at Brightwood Elementary School, 1300 Nicholson St. NW (WaPo, 11/9).  Several Washington Grantmakers members participated in the schools audit.

‘Tis the season for D.C. scandals, fa-la-la-la. First there was the “$20 million in phony tax refund checks” story, and now today’s Post looks at what can happen to money after it lands in a school student activity fund. (Answer: Just about anything.) For example, in 2004 and 2005, two guys from the District’s DC Afterschool for All program charged a Shaw Junior High School fund $13,000 for “meetings” at various local restaurants and strip clubs. And, [wait for it… ] the two guys kept their jobs! According to the program’s ED, “They weren’t doing anything that they felt was wrong at the time…” and both  have been given additional responsibilities. Awww. Doesn’t that give you the warm and fuzzies?

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