[News 11/8/07] Homeless heroes

Many D.C. Veterans Homeless, Study Says (WaPo, 11/8) – Nationally, “although veterans make up about 11 percent of the civilian adult population, they represent 26 percent of homeless people.” Veterans Affairs has said that “45 percent of homeless veterans suffer from mental illness, including many with PTSD.” Today, WG member Fannie Mae announces a $200,000 grant to build housing for veterans. Stacey Stewart of Fannie Mae: “As a country, I think we should be shocked and concerned that 200,000 veterans don’t have a place to go.” 

Direct Charitable Activities on the Rise at U.S. Foundations, Study Finds (PND, 11/8)

Profile: Rebecca Wagner, executive director of Community Ministry of Montgomery County, and recent winner of a 2007 Exponent Award from the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation. (Gazette, 11/7)

Opus Prize: “Catholic Activist Wins $1 Million For Helping Educate African Exiles” (WaPo, 11/8)

Loudoun students build a wetlands habitat. WG member Newton Marasco Foundation sponsored the project. (WaPo, 11/8)