[News 11/5/07] Being a celebrity can help your family foundation succeed.

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D.C. native/local hero John Thompson III and his wife, Monica, were ready to start a family foundation, but wanted some advice before doing so. The Georgetown University Men’s Basketball coach borrowed the wisdom of experienced friends (including the Redskins legend and all-around good guy Darryl Green) to make sure his foundation got off on the right foot. But according to WG member Barbara Harman, Thompson already has a leg up because of his public appeal:

“For family foundations, there needs to be some hook that gets people coming to your events and getting interested in who you are and what you do,” Harman said.

That 2007 trip to the NCAA Final Four might have done the trick… (WaPo, 11/5)

Here’s a fun break from work that can’t make the boss upset (unless your boss’ name is Ebenezer): test your vocabulary skills. For every correct answer you get, advertisers will donate 10 grains of rice to the hungry. Pass the link around your office – 10 grains per word starts to add up. (WaPo, 11/4)

[D.C.] Kids say the darndest things: Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee took some time to hear from nearly 200 students about what they think will fix the schools. Seems like that is a pretty good constituency to hear from. (WaPo, 11/4)

[D.C.] Another group being affected by the schools reforms had something to say. Union officials voiced their disapproval of the Chancellor’s request for the authority to fire hundreds of school employees. (WaPo, 11/3)

[Md.] “Lawmakers Might Use Clout to Get Hospital Funding” (WaPo, 11/3)

Sun Tzu spoke of the importance of knowing one’s enemy in The Art of War. Rumors and theories have long flown about the origin of the HIV/AIDS crisis, but scientists have finally discovered how the disease got to the United States — and it’s been here longer than anyone thought. (WaPo, 11/5)

[D.C.] Seven Developers Submit Plans for Poplar Point” (WaPo, 11/3)

And, for a non-Post article…drum roll please…
Skins run by Jets in OT (Examiner, 11/5)