[News 10/22/07] Election ’08: “Foundations Shine Spotlight on Poverty”

Foundations Shine Spotlight on Poverty Issues in Campaign 2008 (Chronicle, 10/19) – “The Annie E. Casey Foundation [WG member] in Baltimore and the Eos Foundation in Boston are leading an effort to put the issues of poverty and opportunity high on the agenda…”

WaPo Magazine cover story on a wilderness adventure for Oak Hill teens. (WaPo, 10/21)

Colbert King: “Who’s Minding Troubled Youth?”  – King calls for “an independent case-by-case review of Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services placement decisions since 2006.” (WaPo, 10/20)

[D.C.] Mayor Fenty fires Health Dept. director Gregg Pane. Carlos Cano is the interim director. (WaPo, 10/20)

New GIH Report: “Findings From the 2006 Survey of Foundations Formed From Health Care Conversions” (PND, 10/22)

[D.C.] Final agreement reached on sale of Greater Southeast Community Hospital. The plan goes to D.C. Council for final approval on Tuesday. (WaPo, 10/20)

[Md.] Johnson Promises to Release Health System Funds for Prince George’s County – Hospital employees aren’t celebrating yet, noting that “Johnson could simply have wired funds to the hospital rather than announcing plans to do so soon.” (WaPo, 10/20)

[D.C.] Residents Urge Fenty to Build Soccer Stadium at Poplar Point (WaPo, 10/21)

[Md.] Slots or no slots? Some think a ballot referendum may be the best way to decide. (WaPo, 10/21)