[News 10/19/07] Philanthropy Friday

Slate.com’s Philanthropy issue:

“CECP Releases New Research Analyzing Trends in Corporate Philanthropy”Giving in Numbers 2007 (.pdf) Edition contains “an analysis of 2006 corporate philanthropy data from 136 leading companies.”

Hewlett Foundation looks into creating a “social marketplace” of information – Susan Bell: “[G]iven two organizations doing the same kind of work, it stands to reason that one might be more effective. And we’d like to create tools to help that one get more support… We don’t know what [the tool] looks like yet. But if you take DonorEdge, the great resource site that the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation created, and amplify it, that’s what we’re considering.”

Earlier this week, Eli Broad and the Heinz, Mellon and Tata families were awarded the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. (IHT, 10/17)

[Md.] “Erickson’s Charlestown community and St. Agnes Hospital are scheduled today to announce… a computerized link between the medical records at the two facilities… Erickson’s push forward comes as other highly praised public and private efforts to build electronic records exchanges have slowed down or sputtered out altogether.” (Baltimore Sun, 10/19)

SCHIP–down but not out  – “Four moderate Republicans sent Pelosi a letter outlining what they thought could win passage, including a cap at 300 percent of the poverty level, a phasing out of eligibility for some adults and an expressed prohibition on covering illegal immigrants. “The modifications needed are relatively modest,” said Rep. Heather A. Wilson (R-N.M.).” “Public opinion polls show that 75 to 80 percent of the nation supports the vetoed bill.” (WaPo, 10/19)