[News 10/18/07] The Academy of Hope

A new facility for “Academy of Hope” adult education center will allow the academy to double the number of students it serves. (Supporters include several Washington Grantmakers members.) The academy focuses on lowering D.C.’s 36 percent adult illiteracy rate. So far, “seventy-seven percent of graduates have gone on to college or other vocational training. The number of students on public assistance dropped 85 percent after they graduated with credentials.” (WaPo, 10/18)

[Md.] Howard Embraces Health Program for Uninsured Residents (WaPo, 10/18)

Broder: The House of Representatives has “passed a bill to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund, a measure that, if it becomes law, will add 1.5 million badly needed units in the next decade…[T]he Bush administration has warned that the measure could face a presidential veto if it gets that far in anything like its present form.” (WaPo, 10/18)

“A top leader in the Washington Teachers’ Union has urged its executive board in a confidential memo to fight the Fenty administration plan to fire school central office employees.” (WaPo, 10/18)