[News 10/15/07] Innovation, sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Mario Capecchi is the twelfth Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) scientist to win the Nobel prize. “We always say we focus on people, not projects” says Senior Scientific Officer Josephine Briggs. HHMI (a WG member) appoints “investigators” to five year terms, which “really just frees my time and energy up to pursue the science,” says a recent appointee. HHMI’s endowment of over $18.7 billion is second only to that of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (Examiner, 10/15 – page 9)

SCHIP Update  (KaiserNetwork.org, 10/15) – Democrats work to override President’s veto. The vote is scheduled for Thursday.

[D.C.] “A Farm Bill to Curb D.C. Hunger” (WaPo, 10/14): “[T]he minimum monthly benefit (which applies most frequently to seniors) has remained at a mere $10 since 1977. Combine stagnant benefit levels with an increased cost of living in the District, and it becomes clear why 8,688 people turned to Bread for the City for free groceries last month.”

Colbert King: “Is D.C. soft on juvenile offenders?” (WaPo, 10/13) – DYRS Director Vinnie Schiraldi responds to inquiries about recidivism: “We are collaborating with the National Council on Crime and Delinquency to conduct a recidivism study [and] we intend to publish the outcomes, good, bad or ugly.”

“D.C. Tries to Harness Cultural Resources” (AP, 10/13) – “With a new home in the expansive, $89 million Harman Center for the Arts, the city’s popular Shakespeare Theatre Company is doubling the number of its actors and adding more performances. [C]ity and arts officials … see the theater … as an integral part of a cultural renaissance taking place…”

WaPo: “Ms. Rhee seeks to change the culture of a dysfunctional system, and the D.C. Council should give her the tools she needs.” (10/14)

“Youths Air Grievances at City Hall Forum” (WaPo, 10/14)

[Va.] Rewarding top AP scores with money (WaPo, 10/15) – “The national initiative, backed by $140 million in foundation grants [including $125 million from WG member ExxonMobil] will start in Virginia and six other states as soon as the schools are picked. It is unclear whether those will include any in the Washington area.”