[News 10/12/07] D.C. school reform: “The Office”

To allow Chancellor Rhee to clean house, Mayor Fenty asks the D.C. Council to give her a broom:
Mayor Asks That Rhee Get Firing Authority (WaPo, 10/12)
DC Moves Closer to Firing Hundreds in School System (WTOP, 10/12)

WaPo: “Rhee has said that the central office has failed in a number of critical tasks, including getting paychecks to employees on time, delivering books and supplies to schools and responding promptly to parents… Although terminating employees could prove to be a thorny political issue for council members whose constituents might be affected, Fenty administration officials believe the effects will be mitigated because only 336 central office workers [out of 934 positions] live in the District.”

Know any kids who would like to testify before the D.C. Council? Tomorrow’s “youth hearing” at 10 a.m. is “an effort by Chairman Vincent C. Gray (D) to hear about the city’s problems from the perspective of young people. The hearings will be held once a month and will be limited to youths 21 and younger. People can sign up to testify by calling Aretha Latta at 202-724-8196 or e-mailing alatta@dccouncil.us.” (WaPo, 10/12)

The National Visionary Leadership Project (NVLP), a DC-based non-profit educational organization, will hold the Intergenerational Summit on the State of Black America on Oct. 16 at the Library of Congress. The event is sponsored in part by the Freddie Mac Foundation (WG member). (Wire, 10/10)

In a first for a donor-advised fund, the Calvert Giving Fund, administered by the Calvert Social Investment Foundation (WG member), is now fully divested from companies affiliated with the Sudanese government (Wire, 10/11). “Our investment platform does not support companies contributing revenue or capabilities to the government responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.”

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  1. I hope she can. She needs to able to fire the dead weight. But she’s going to need to squeeze this business community as well to get involved ($) and that’s not going to be easy.

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