[News 10/9] Tuesday Round-up

Melinda French Gates: “There are 15 more presidential debates scheduled. Those are 15 opportunities to ask those who would be our political leaders to prioritize the preparation of every child in America for college, career and life” (WaPo, 10/6). (The Gates Foundation recently joined Washington Grantmakers and will participate in the Public Education Working Group.)

[D.C.] On his blog, Marc Fisher talks about why UDC’s successful 160 hour “academic boot camp” for unprepared DCPS grads is actually a tragedy, and revisits this weekend’s “Whatever Happened to The Class of 2005?” article about that year’s Cardozo grads. (WaPo, 10/8)

[D.C.] Officials announce a new database “to track the city’s public school students from pre-kindergarten to college graduation.” (WaPo, 10/9)

[Va.] Kaine Offers Plan to Boost Preschool (WaPo, 10/7) – Kaine says his plan, which would cost $125 million per year, will save money because Virginia currently spends about $400 million annually educating about 50,000 students who repeat grades. Kaine spoke at a forum by Fairfax Futures. WG member Capital One hosted the event.

Trend: Giving while alive (PND, 10/3)

Saturday’s AIDS Walk Washington drew twice as many as last year’s event. Funds benefit the Whitman-Walker Clinic. (WaPo, 10/7)

“Advocates look to 2009” (WaPo, 10/9)

[Va.] The Pr. William Co. resolution “has created a sense of siege and solidarity throughout the county’s wider Latino community of about 30,000.” (WaPo, 10/9)