[News 10/1] Monday Round-up

[Va.] Marc Fisher: “In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy, after we’ve learned how dangerously limited the state’s mental health system is, you’d think places such as [the Center for Multicultural Human Services in Falls Church] would be more valued than ever. You’d be wrong. The center, founded as a foster care program for orphaned refugee children, is on the verge of closing.” (WaPo, 9/30)

[Va.] Director of Loudoun Cares: “Let’s be very clear — Loudoun’s little nonprofits are neither staffed nor funded to do the business of the Federal Government in the area of immigration status verification.” (Loudoun Times, 9/25, via the roundtable)

“Hair, Heart & Health” (HHH) is a collaborative program from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield [WG member] and MedStar Research Institute, through which barbers and hair stylists are trained to conduct blood pressure and obesity screening right in their shops  (Wire, 10/1)

“Raise Money on Facebook: Four Fundraising Applications You Need to Know About”
(about micro-philanthropy, 9/24)

Managing nonprofits: There aren’t enough MBAs in the world (NewsDay, 9/30)

Donors Gone, Trusts Veer From Their Wishes (NYTimes, 9/29)

Due to a plethora of coal-fired power plants and traffic jams, our region produces more pollution than many industrialized countries. (WaPo, 9/30)