[News 9/28/07] Loudoun Co. to ask nonprofits: Do you serve illegal immigrants?

[Va.] “Nonprofits may lose funding if they give illegal immigrants aid… County supervisors plan to ask nonprofit groups next week whether they check the legal status of people seeking help” (Examiner, 9/28). Officials say they will “not necessarily eliminate money” based on what they find out. (I don’t think that sounds very comforting, do you?) Chuck Bean of the Nonprofit Roundtable: “I just don’t think it’s a good idea for nonprofits and the people they’re serving.”

The Congressional Philanthropy Caucus “now has 25 members and will start meeting this fall, probably next month,” reports the Chronicle of Philanthropy (subscription). No lawmakers respresenting Greater Washington are members of the caucus. Co-chairs are Reps. Robin Hayes (R-N.C.) and Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio).

[D.C.] The D.C. schools construction czar cites “gridlock in system,” asks D.C. Council  for power to oversee routine maintenance of school buildings. (If they don’t let him control “routine maintenance” then I think we have to stop calling him a czar.) The article also reports that some D.C. schools will close next year. (WaPo, 9/28)

[Md.] Gov. O’Malley’s budget proposal would “curtail [school funding] increases called for under the state’s landmark Thornton plan. (WaPo, 9/28)

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  1. Friday thought re: DC schools – at this point Lew is barley a tovarich, never mind a czar, He and Rhee are in the same leaky boat – they’ve taken on jobs that historically have been insufficiently empowered to make real change, and are trying to acquire more authority as they go along. I wish them both well, but they have tough rows to hoe.

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