[News 9/27/07] ThinkMTV: What do you think?

“Charities’ Tie to MTV Angers Nonprofits” (NYTimes, 9/27)

Co-founder of TakingITGlobal.org: “We have often been told by funders, including some of those announced as underwriters of the Think site, that they don’t fund this kind of work.”
Founder of Idealist.org:If Gates and others want to collaborate with MTV instead of Idealist.org or organizations like it, there is literally nothing I can do about it.”
Gates Foundation: “MTV has an unparalleled ability to reach out to youth.”
Case Foundation spokesperson (and WG Board member) Rich D’Amato: “[ThinkMTV] has the potential to help nonprofits engage with a big audience in new ways.”
CEO of YouthNoise.com: “Kids’ buying is often cause-related, so there’s huge advertising impetus for this…If anything is irritating to nonprofit social networks, it is that the motives here are truly mixed.”
Joel Fleishman, author of The Foundation (and guest speaker at Washington Grantmakers’ 15th anniversary conference): “A foundation has an objective to get something done, and if for-profits and nonprofits are working on it, the foundation might well choose the for-profit because it thinks the for-profit will be better at getting it done.” 

“The Power of Giving Circles: An Interview with Marsha Wallace of Dining for Women” (HaveFun*DoGood, 9/25)

Bill Clinton’s “eBay of Giving” (Economist, 9/25)

[D.C.] Chairman Backs Reinoso for Schools Post (WaPo, 9/27)

True to your school…  Only 1.2 percent of over 5 million eligible children nationwide take advantage of ‘No Child’ offer to leave struggling schools for better-performing schools. (WaPo, 9/27)