[News 9/24] Monday Round-up

D.C. Councilmembers weigh whether or not to spend $79 million to save Greater Southeast Community Hospital. The WaPo Ed. board thinks they should. (WaPo, 9/23)

[Md.] With a recent survey showing that over half of adults in Montgomery Co. Maryland are overweight, the county considers mandatory nutrition labels and other options. (WaPo, 9/24)

Facebook philanthropy (DailyBruin, 9/23) – “Since the Causes [application] was launched on May 25, the Cause with the most members, “Support Breast Cancer Research,” has raised over $30,000 for the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.” (By the way, Facebook’s “Causes” application is the grown-up version of Project Agape, discussed here back in May.) 

How Bill Clinton became a leading brand in the giving industry(Economist, 9/20 – via PND). Related: Mycommmitment.org: Bill Clinton’s “cross between E-Bay and Facebook for the development and philanthropy community.” (FT, 9/23).

David Nasaw:My greatest fear is that the growth of private philanthropy may be both symptom and cause of our weakening faith in democratic government.” (WaPo, 9/23) 

Lucy Bernholz: “Philanthropists Need Better Shopping Tools” (HuffPo, 9/21)

DC Schools Shift Ninth-Graders to High Schools” (WaPo, 9/23)