[News 9/14] New condoms for D.C.

D.C. will phase out city-brand condoms: “A contingent of 350,000 Trojans soon will come to the rescue” (WaPo, 9/14). I love it when editors have fun.

“No Gifted Child Left Behind?” (Time, 9/13) – The “Achievement Trap” report is sparking a national discussion. “We’re losing them at every stage in education,” says Joshua Wyner, executive vice president of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation [WG member].

WG Member National Geographic Society gives teachers better tools for teaching geography. (UDDaily, 9/13)

Health care for all in Howard County, Md – the Post catches up to yesterday’s story. (WaPo, 9/14)

“Howard Hughes Medical Institute [WG member] expands early career program” (PND, 8/20)

[Va.] Arlington County approves $1.5 million in rental assistance for tenants of the Arlington’s Buckingham Village (WaPo, 9/13)