[News 9/13] Fenty, Schiraldi to Brief Grantmakers at Oak Hill

adrian fenty

vincent schiraldi

“Fenty, Schiraldi to Brief Grantmakers at Oak Hill”On Monday, Sept. 17, Washington Grantmakers will meet with the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) at the Oak Hill facility to discuss how local and national funders can help the city to bring ground-breaking juvenile justice reform to fruition in DC, and to document/publicize the efforts nationally… [more]

[Md.] Howard County, Md. will attempt to be one of the first counties in the country to offer health care to all uninsured residents (Baltimore Sun, 9/13)

[Va.] Virginia nonprofit Northern Virginia Family Service receives Federal Head Start grant. The Arlington County School System had also applied. (WaPo, 9/13)

Marc Fisher gives the U.S. Senate 12 good reasons to give D.C. residents a vote. Reason #3: “America is the only democracy in the world that denies voting representation to its capital’s residents.” Key moment coming up on Tuesday. (WaPo, 9/13)

[Va.] Governer Kaine “calls for the state to reduce the energy it uses by 40 percent over the next decade.” (WaPo, 9/13)

“We are seeing a strong upward trend in positive results from online fundraising.” (Center on Philanthropy, 9/11)

[Md.] “Muslims bring in Ramadan with food drive for needy” (Gazette, 9/12) – “‘We are collecting information from Manna Food [Center Inc.] on where these homeless shelters are… we will go to all of them [this month] feeding people.’ The annual food drive, now in its fifth year, is the largest of several major volunteer efforts by MCMC…. The group helps coordinate Thanksgiving and holiday gift baskets and toy drives with the Montgomery County Volunteer Center.”