[News 9/10] Helping kids by investing in teachers

center for inspired teaching
Nonprofit profile: D.C’s Center for Inspired Teaching “focuses on teachers, not test scores” (WaPo, 9/10). The Center’s supporters include many Washington Grantmakers members.

Marc Fisher analyzes the Catholic church’s “proposal to convert eight of the District’s 28 Catholic schools into secular charter schools.” (WaPo, 9/10)

Where is Michelle Rhee coming from? Listen to this 11-minute interview with the D.C. schools chancellor (NPR, 9/4)

“A Bold New Stage For D.C.” (WaPo, 9/9) – “Harman Hall will tranform The Shakespeare Theatre’s reach…” Sidney and Jane Harman, and WG member Harman Family Foundation are top contributors to the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

“Squaring local issues with giving circles” (Financial Times, 9/7 – via COF) – “Giving circles have sprung up across the US, many without the umbrella of a big non-profit organisation. They range from a handful of members to ‘jumbo’ giving circles such as the Washington Women’s Foundation [WG member]. [The article refers to Seattle’s Washington Women’s Foundation. Our member is the D.C. region’s Washington Area Women’s Foundation, one of the nation’s fastest growing women’s funds, which invested $1 million in community non-profits in 2006, and which operates two giving circles.]

Stacey Plamer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy: “I think there needs to be greater skepticism about celebrity involvement [in philanthropy] than I see in the media right now.” (NYTimes, 9/10)