[News 9/4] Long-weekend edition

‘Knowledge Economy’ in Washington region “pushes earnings for all ethnicities near the top nationally, but stark racial disparities exist,” particularly in D.C. The median household income for non-hispanic whites in D.C. is $91,631. For blacks, it’s $34,484. Joni Lynch of Manna Inc. (a grantee of Washington Grantmakers’ CDSC): The figures underscore the extent to which the construction boom and gentrification of formerly blighted city neighborhoods is bypassing a substantial section of the population. (WaPo, 9/2)

Why so little development at Metro stations? Metro’s own task force concludes: “Metro has been totally ineffective and counterproductive to any decent development at Metro stations.” (WaPo, 9/2) 


Finalist for the $1M 2007 Opus Prize: Father John Adams, representing SOME (So Others Might Eat),  serving the poor and homeless in Washington, D.C. (Multi-Housing News, 8/31)

[D.C.] The city is courting other buyers for Greater Southeast Community Hospital because the deal on the table could cost the public $60 million more than initially thought (WaPo, 9/4):
“[G]overnment sources…suggested that larger health-care companies, including ones with national reach, might be willing to take another look at Greater Southeast if they learn the city is willing to put in close to $100 million.” Tangherlini: “If someone . . . thinks they can do better, give us a call.”

[Md.] Brenda Donald, Sec. of Md’s Department of Human Resources: “Maryland’s neediest deserve better services” (Examiner, 9/3)