[News 8/30] What Schools in the City Can Learn From the Suburbs

“What Schools in the City Can Learn From the Suburbs” (WaPo, 8/30) – As readers of our member-only Update were aware, the Center for American Progress convened leaders of D.C., Montgomery Co., and Fairfax Co. school districts earlier this week to discuss “Turning Around Low-Performing Schools.” In his recap, the Post’s Marc Fisher concludes: “In Washington, the public schools have failed to make the political connection between rich and poor, or between parents and non-parent taxpayers.”

[D.C.] A $750,000 grant from the Los Angeles based Broad Foundation “will be used for a fiscal audit to help balance the school system’s budget and identify opportunities to increase funding for the system, which serves 50,000 students and started classes on Tuesday…. The money also will be used for planning to improve the system’s central office support of its principals.” (Examiner, 8/29)

A few spots are still available at the Sept. 12 training for WG members who want to help with the community audit of D.C.’s public schools.

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