[News 8/28] New primary care center for under-served in Maryland

From the WaPo article “Demand for Prenatal Care for Poor Strains Localities” (8/28): “The Mary’s Center is expanding to Long Branch in November in partnership with Washington Adventist Hospital, which has been ‘overwhelmed’ with demand for prenatal care since it expanded its services to indigent people in July 2006.” The Mary’s Center receives funding from several Washington Grantmakers members. Here’s the press release from Washington Adventist Hospital.

New report: D.C. Children are heaviest in the country (WaPo, 8/28)

[Md.] “A slush fund’s clean-up” (WaPo, 8/28)- “The $2.8 million that remains to be disbursed by 2014 will be administered exclusively by the Prince George’s Community Foundation [WG member], a reputable outfit with a solid board of directors and a good track record in the charity field…That’s important because the funds in question constitute one of Prince George’s largest sources of philanthropic giving.

Bill Clinton will go on “Oprah” to promote Giving, his new book on philanthropy and civic engagement. (AP, 8/28)

U.S. foundations and corporations have committed more than $1 billion for Gulf Coast hurricane recovery, according to a Foundation Center report. (Wire, 8/27)

“Educators Emphasize Middle School Initiatives” (WaPo, 8/28)

[D.C.] “Three Reasons to Cheer for Rhee’s Fast Start” (WaPo, 8/28) – “[N]inth-grade textbooks were mistakenly shipped to the middle school. The parents asked if they could box up the books, throw them into their cars and move them to the high school. Oh, no, came the reply from central HQ. Those books must be returned to the central warehouse… Rhee was appalled: “I was like, lady, do not send those books to the warehouse. I said, ‘Thank the parents, get the books in the car, and move them over.’