[News 8/22] D.C. schools open on Monday

D.C. schools open on Monday
Will schools have books on time? (WaPo, 8/21)
School employee records are in disarray (WaPo, 8/22)
Washington Grantmakers members will help with community audit of D.C. schools

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation [WG member] ventures into elementary-level programs… “announces the recipients of more than $2 million in grants to organizations dedicated to serving high-achieving students, grades K-5, from low- to moderate-income households.” (Wire, 8/22) 

“A New Generation Reinvents Philanthropy” (WSJ, 8/21) – “Young donors and volunteers, snubbing traditional appeals such as direct mail and phone calls, are satisfying their philanthropic urges on the Internet.” Sean’s point on this is well taken–don’t think of them as a generation, think of them as early adopters. Young people do tend to be early technology adopters, but my Grandma checks her e-mail daily. So new habits can take hold much faster than it takes for an entire generation to age. (Meanwhile, the web-based fundraising services keep creating applications for Facebook. The latest is Firstgiving…)

“More employers putting focus on philanthropy” (Baltimore Sun, 8/20)

Virginia has a $641 million budget shortfall (WaPo, 8/21). Not as bad as Maryland’s $1.5 billion shortfall, but bad enough that Gov. Kaine is ordering state agencies to cut spending by five percent, and eyeing the $1.2 billion rainy day fund. Kaine’s goal of extending state-funded pre-k to more 4-year-olds may be tough in this environment.

“The Preschool Question: Who Gets to Go? Va. Expansion Efforts Highlight Debate” – (WaPo, 8/22)