[News 8/16] Nonprofits and corporations should look at skill-based employee volunteering

Nonprofits and corporations must “shed their outdated classification of volunteerism” and embrace skill-based employee volunteering. (onPhilanthropy, 8/15) (Instead of having that accountant dig a hole or serve soup…why not have them do some accounting?)

Members: Join Washington Grantmakers’ D.C. school audit team – We’ll be adding another training date. Stay tuned.

“More Md. Elementary, Middle Schools Fall Short of ‘No Child’ Goals” (WaPo, 8/16)- Maryland students are doing steadily better on standardized tests (Yay!), but more and more schools are somehow failing (Doh!). When a schools misses too many targets, it must go through something called “Restructuring,” which is not good, and leads many schools to hire professional “turnaround specialists,” who are tasked with improving Adequate Yearly Performance (AYP) by meeting performance targets in eight student “subgroups,” and kudos to you if you’re still reading this. D.C. and Virginia data to be released soon.

“An anonymous donor has given the Phillips Collection a $1 million gift to cover repairs needed at its original building [in D.C. at 21st and P NW], which houses the work of some of the world’s best-known artists.” (WaPo, 8/16)

[Md.] Healthcare in Prince George’s County is still a mess. (WaPo, 8/16) (Background: Various officials are filing lawsuits, refusing payments, and demanding resignations, while 180,000 patients wonder what will happen if the hospital closes.) Here’s what will happen if the hospital closes: