[News 8/7] Allowing nonprofits to be efficient

Chattanooga nonprofits are successfully using the “fiscal sponsorship” relationship to be more efficient. Why aren’t more nonprofits doing this? Good question! [Read more]

“Program mentors teen philanthropists” (Tuscon Citizen, 8/7) – Our staff was discussing a similar sort of “Philanthropy Camp” concept the other day. It’s a neat idea: Participants, 14 to 19 years old, “will be given $10,000, which they will grant to the community organization that addresses the issue of their choice. They also will attend biweekly meetings and attend a retreat in the fall.”

An innovative ER facility in Montgomery Co, Md. is inspiring immitators. It features state of the art ER–and no inpatient beds. It’s linked electronically to a bigger hospital down the road. (WaPo, 8/7)

PSA: It’s hot and “ozoney” today. Code orange means that children and the elderly should limit outdoor activity.

And buried in this “Housing Market Pounding Fairfax” article is a smidgen of good news: The Fairfax Board of Supervisors yesterday “approved a ‘living wage’ resolution that aims to give a raise to low-paid county employees and encourage private employers and government contractors to do the same.” (WaPo, 8/7)

So county employees will now make at least $11.80/hour. Time will tell if the “encourage private employers” part means anything.