[News 8/6] How to increase parental involvement in Pr. George’s County?

[Md.] In Pr. George’s Co., legislators, activists and school personel try to figure out how to increase community and parent involvement in schools. (WaPo, 8/6) (Reminder: Washington Grantmakers’ Partnership for Prince George’s County: Stakeholder Briefing will take place on Sept. 19.)

WG member Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s “National College Advising Corps” program is up and running in North Carolina. Piloted at U.Va. and now being replicated at 10 other universities, the program “puts recent graduates into high schools to serve as advisers to students who need help with applications or to influence some who might not be considering college.” (News&Observer, 8/6)

Science: “Philanthropy is hardwired into our brains” (TimesUK, 8/6)

Hospitals find that some grateful patients become generous donors. (“People tend to become donors when they identify in some way with recipients.” (NYTimes, 8/5)