[News 7/20] Geoffrey Canada will speak at Washington Grantmakers’ Nov. 15 conference


Acclaimed activist and author Geoffrey Canada will be one of the keynote speakers at Washington Grantmakers’ 15th anniversary conference on Nov. 15, 2007. In a speech this week at THEARC in Southeast D.C., presidential candidate Barack Obama praised the comprehensive social services approach of Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone and suggested that the program be replicated nationwide.

A profile of the THEARC (“Town Hall Education, Arts and Recreation Campus”) ran in today’s Washington Times.

[D.C.] At a public farewell, speakers praised Clifford Janey’s work as superintendant of schools. (WaPo, 7/20) “‘He created a set of expectations… now we have a strong foundation,’ said Stacey Stewart [Fannie Mae].” The incoming chancellor and deputy chancellor will meet with Washington Grantmakers members on July 25.

Climate change has already begun to alter the Chesapeake Bay… according to a report released yesterday by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.” (WaPo, 7/20)

[D.C.] Don’t worry, say officials, the recent toxic chlorine levels (linked in some studies to cancers, reproductive problems, and developmental delays in children) are “probably temporary.” (WaPo, 7/20)