[News 7/19] Thursday Round-up

Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress favor legislation to fund health insurance for 3.3 million additional uninsured children nationwide, but President Bush is threatening to veto it on philosophical grounds. The President’s proposal would actually increase the number of uninsured children in the U.S–that’s according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. More from CBPP.

[D.C.] The city is running a study “to develop a strategy to attract and retain families with children” in conjunction with the Brookings Institution, the Urban Institute and the 21st Century Fund. (WaPo, 7/19)

[Md.] “Laurel plans to join the handful of Maryland municipalities that have introduced affordable housing and environmentally friendly building standards.” (Gazette, 7/19)

“American Red Cross is Recognized for Building National Partnerships that Foster Volunteerism” (Newswire, 7/18) 

[D.C.] If it ain’t the lead, it’s the chlorine. I’m sticking to bottled. (WaPo, 7/19)