[News 7/18] Turning athletes into philanthropists

That’s what they’re doing up in Pittsburgh. “The signing of two additional Steelers to philanthropic endeavors is the work of The Pittsburgh Foundation’s 14-person Sports Outreach Advisory Committee.” …  “Mr. [Hines] Ward, who will make $3.5 million this year, asked The Pittsburgh Foundation to manage his philanthropic effort… “rather than trying to reinvent the wheel by establishing my own foundation.” (PostGazette, 7/17)

A new study by Forbes magazine ranks “Best And Worst School Districts For The Buck.”

“The value of this kind of analysis is to remind us that simply pouring more [money] into existing school systems is no formula for producing higher achievement out the other end,” Chester E. Finn Jr., president of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, said in an e-mail.

But Finn derided this analysis as “just plain dumb” for failing to consider other factors, such as wealth and parent education, that affect test scores and graduation prospects. (WaPo, 7/18)

D.C. Shelter Faces Further Hardship (WJLA, 7/17)

The House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee will hold an overview hearing on tax-exempt organizations on Tuesday, July 24, focusing specifically on foundations and charities. Steve Gunderson from Council on Foundations and Diana Aviv from Independent Sector will testify. (COF; Independent Sector)