[News 7/12] Crime way down in Pr. George’s Co.

Crime Way Down in Prince George’s County (Fox5, 7/11) – A new report from COG shows dramatic cuts in violent crime and property crimes in the county from 2005 to 2006. Homicides are down 22%, robberies down 25%, reported rapes down 4%, and aggravated assaults down 6%.

D.C. Lauds Progress At Greater Southeast Hospital (WaPo, 7/12) – An “impressive turnaround,” say officials. The article notes that the hospital situation in Pr. George’s County remains a mess.

Chicago celebrates the life of visionary philanthropic leader Eleanor Peterson, who passed away on June 26. Peterson founded several philanthropic organizations and was the first president of Washington Grantmakers’ sister association in Chicago, the Donors Forum, from 1974 to 1987. (DailySouthtown, 7/11)

HUNGER – Good job, kids. (Gazette, 7/12)