One thought on “Shaq’s Big Challenge: Childhood obesity”

  1. I’ll admit that it’s disheartening that we’ve resorted to making losing weight “cool” for our youth to take notice. Even then, are the kids who should be running around and exerting energy the ones laughing hardest at the kids that Shaq is trying to help?

    It’s unfortunate that shows like The Biggest Loser (NBC) are seemingly designed to promote healthy eating, increased activity, and some *healthy* competition, but articles like this:,9171,1627013,00.html reveal that the massive number of pounds lost each week can easily be attributed to starvation and dehydration. Furthermore, more of than not, the contestants from these shows regain the weight they lost.

    Let’s just hope that the producers of Shaq’s shows will not resort to such cruely to boos ratings. A very important factor of healthy weight-loss and CHANGING a lifestyle is that the scale will not reflect a loss each and every week, but that the kids shouldn’t get discouraged.

    I’ve watched an episode and a half of Shaq’s show, and I hope that he can truly make a difference in the lives of his “contestants” and for millions of other overweight Americans.

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