[News 7/9] We are above-average volunteers

A new study finds that residents of the National Capital Region are volunteering like crazy–or at least at a higher rate than New Yorkers, Los Angeleans, and Chicagoans Chicagoers people from Chicago. (WaPo, 7/9) This happy/sad article also notes that we “struggle through the second-longest commutes in the country” and that we have plenty of room for improvement–a 32 percent volunteer rate means that 68 percent are not volunteering. You know who you are. (Okay fine, I’m a 68 percenter, but I swear I’ll get moving once the kids are out of diapers.)

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“The Washington region stands to lose about 26,000 affordable housing units over the next five years” as Section 8 contracts expire. (WaPo, 7/9)

Prosperity Studios is making a “$500 million inward investment” in D.C. to “transform the City for the homeless” with “Homeless Care Clubs.” Apparently, cities apply to take part in this program, and “provide a guarantee.” No one is covering this, but it seems significant. Anyone heard about this?) (Newswire, 7/3)

Back in March, the eventual construction of a local Tiger Woods Learning Center using AT&T National funds seemed like a sure thing, but now it’s starting to sound a little iffy: (WaPo, 7/5)

Woods said he hopes to open his second learning center in the Washington area, though McLaughlin cautioned it could take three years to get a center up and running on the East Coast and that the location has not been pinpointed. [emphasis mine]

Hot. Code orange, be careful.