[News 6/28] Goal: More HIV screenings for youth

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and health director Gregg Pane have announced an initiative to increase by 25 percent the number of D.C. youth who know their HIV status (WaPo, 6/28). The announcement meets a June 30 deadline set in an April planning session between Fenty and Pane. Appleseed ReportNo word yet on specifics for the new initiative, including funding. Follow-through was the problem for a similar testing effort announced one year ago, and which ended in December “with limited success.”

The newly-elected Fenty administration is working to achieve “A” scores on report cards from D.C. Appleseed, a nonprofit that is tracking the government’s HIV/AIDS response. The 2005 D.C. Appleseed report (right), commissioned by WG’s Washington AIDS Partnership, has become the city’s “blueprint for change” for addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

During yesterday’s National HIV Testing Day, several of the Washington AIDS Partnership’s nonprofit partners offered extended hours of free screenings and education.

Merrill Lynch’s 11th annual World Wealth Report finds that 9.5 million people control about a quarter of the world’s wealth.  Looking at philanthropic giving for the first time, the report finds that “individuals worth $1 million or more donated an estimated total of $285 billion in 2006. Charitable giving has become more important in millionaires’ overall investment strategies in recent years…” (EITB, 6/28)

“Immigrants pay tax share,” says a recent study underwritten by the Washington Area Partnership for Immigrants, a funding collaborative of the Community Foundation (WG member). (WaPo, 6/5)