[News 6/15] Charities, meet your new tax form

irslogo.jpgThe IRS proposes a major overhaul of Form 990, the main tax form for charities (NYTimes, 6/15), and is requesting comments on the draft. Learn more from Independent Sector.

The dropout rate among black males approaches 50 percent in Va. and Md.
 In the District it’s 51 percent (compared to 5 percent for white males.) One young man’s story. (WaPo, 6/15)

[D.C.] 201 rising seniors honored as the inaugural class of D.C. Achievers, “a yearlong college-readiness program that leads to a full college scholarship for students who successfully reach completion.” D.C. Achievers is administered by the D.C. College Success Foundation… and is funded by the Gates Foundation. “‘I wasn’t thinking about college before,” said Kevin Jones, 17, as he clutched his certificate.’“(WaPo, 6/14)

[D.C.] DC VOICE is planning a community audit of public schools. Mayor Fenty: “We welcome the challenge and look forward to providing DC VOICE with any information needed…” (WaPo, 6/15)

[Va.] Food bank serves N. Va’s hidden poor – As the cost of living in N. Va. continues to rise, the Capital Area Food Bank serves some folks you wouldn’t expect. (WaPo, 6/14)