[News 6/11] Public Art: Pandas, donkeys, elephants…play blocks

Quality preschool matters–the first three years of life are the most critical for brain development. To help spread the word, several Washington Grantmakers members are sponsoring D.C.’s latest public art project, the GCH Endowment’s play blocks campaign. (WaPo, 6/10)

[D.C.] Fixing D.C.’s Schools – a WaPo investigation – “The system is close to the highest-spending and worst-performing in the nation.” A three-part series. Today: a history of previous reform attempts

[Md.] Maryland gets an $18.2 million federal grant to fund charter school expansion. (WaPo, 6/9)

Freddie Mac’s Foundation’s  Hoops for the Homeless(R) brings in $900,000 to fight homelessness in Washington region. (Newswire, 6/9)

The People’s Community Baptist Church (WG member) is working with Montgomery County to co-sponsor free monthly diabetes education classes for county residents. (District Chronicles, 6/10)

Highschool dropout Leslie Sharp ended up in jail…where he got an education. Meet the Free Minds Book Club: “Empowering young inmates to write new chapters in their lives.” (WaPo, 6/10)