[News 6/5] Needle funding ban may soon end

“Needle Funding Ban May Soon End” (WaPo, 6/5) – “J. Channing Wickham, who signed the letter as executive director of the Washington AIDS Partnership [a project of Washington Grantmakers], sees the timing as propitious. Between increasing acceptance of home rule and the accumulated medical evidence, he said, “all signs are very, very positive.”

The region’s state-level education officials will meet for the first time today. Officials from Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. will discuss: sharing educational data across the region, connecting the k-12 education structure to higher ed, and the potential for sharing student assessments across the region. (DC.gov press release)

[Md.] All 30 Prince George’s County middle schools will offer one of several “signature programs” next year [to] better prepare students for the crucial jump to high school… (WaPo, 6/5)

[D.C.] The $3.3 million, 4-month audit of the D.C. public school system “will be paid for with private funds, city officials said. The D.C. Education Compact [WG member]… will be in charge of fundraising… several local and national organizations have expressed interest…” (WaPo, 6/5)

[Va.] Loudoun County Administrator Kirby Bowers discusses attracting the “creative class” to Loudoun, quality of life, investments in schools, transportation, affordable housing, and the importance of regional cooperation. (Leesburg Today, 6/4)

A report from Seedco Policy Center argues that, despite oft-cited success stories, the nonprofit sector’s experimentation with for-profit social enterprises “have far more typically led to frustration and failure, drawing attention and resources away from the organization’s core work…”